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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the self-drive tour the best way to travel Namibia?

A. We strongly believe that the answer is YES. You can obviously enjoy very much a guided pre-organized group tour or a fly in, but nothing can compare to a independent, flexible and adventurous self-drive. Namibia has a very good infrastructure and roads are well signed, which is perfect for a self-drive safari. Distances between destinations are long, meaning that you have time to explore the sights in your own time.

Q. Is Namibia easy to navigate?

A. After receiving our instructions and guiding, you'll find Namibia pretty easy to navigate. The roads are well maintained and with relatively so few roads across the vast landscapes, it’s almost impossible to get lost. Driving Namibia will provide you with a map before departure for easy navigation.

Q. Are the self-drive tours suitable for families or only for adventurers?

A. Self-driving tours are one of the most exciting vacations you can offer your family. The tours are perfect for families, offering incredible adventure opportunities and great value for money. Most lodges and camps accept children of 12 years old minimum, but there are also some specific family accommodations that can accept younger children as well. Driving Namibia will provide you all the necessary information before your family tour.

Q. Which languages do Namibians speak?

A. The official language in Namibia is English, though German and Afrikaans are widely spoken as well. As a multi-cultural country there are also other spoken languages like Damara, Kavango, Ovambe and Herero.

Q. Do I need an international license to drive the tour in Namibia?

A. For the safari self-drive, each driver in your vehicle will have to possess a driving license. If you have an EU or UK photo license, you don't need an international license. If your license is not in English then you'll need an International license.

Q. Is it safe to take the self driving tour in Namibia?

A. Yes, very safe. Namibia has the second lowest crime rate in Africa and serious crime against tourists is extremely rare to non-existent. The self-drive safaris are very popular and you'll meet lots of groups, families, and honeymooners along the way.

Q. Is tap water safe to drink?

A. Tap water is totally safe to drink in hotels, lodges and other public places. If you are worried about drinking tap water, you can purchase bottled water all over Namibia. The 2-litre bottles are especially useful for self-drive safaris. If you need to purify water yourself, you can do this by boiling it if you have gas, or by using purification tablets.

Q. How is the weather in Namibia?

A. As an African state, Namibia has a very convenient climate for self-driving, with an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. Summers can be very hot at day time with temperatures reaching 35C, but the night are cold. During April to September weather is warm but temperatures can plummet to below zero at night so warm clothing is essential.

Q. Will I have Internet during the tour?

A. During the self-drive and in most camp sites you won't be connected, but in the larger town along the way you'll be able to connect with no problem.




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